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If your air conditioner won’t blow cool air, is making weird noises or stopped working altogether then you have come to the right place. DuraCool AC Repair Raleigh will fix just about any problem on any brand of air conditioner.

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24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair in Raleigh

Most AC repair companies in Raleigh are readily available early in the morning until the evening on weekdays, but if your HVAC breaks on a hot evening that won’t help you. That is why it is critical to find a company that offers 24/7 emergency AC repairs in Raleigh so that you can rest assured you won’t have to endure a sweaty night of sleep.

If you are unsure what type of heating and cooling unit you have, an experienced HVAC repairman in Raleigh can come to your home to provide a diagnosis and perform the repair. Before having anyone come to your property, ask whether they are experienced in fixing HVAC units to ensure you are not wasting your time.

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AC Repair Costs in Raleigh

While prices to fix an air conditioner in Raleigh do depend on the type, size and age of your unit, the following can give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay. *Minimum service fees typically start at $85.

  • Condensation drain line cleaning – $70 to $110
  • Freon or refrigerant refill – $25 to $50
  • Circuit board repair – $110 to 500+ if a replacement is needed
  • Evaporator coil replacement – $600 to $1200+
  • Air handler motor fan – $250 to $450
  • Replacing the thermostat – $75 to $250
  • Switches or capacitors – $50 to $110

How To Find The Best AC Repairman in Raleigh

When you need to hire an AC repairman in Raleigh we know you are likely short on time and want to get your house back to a comfortable temperature fast. To help narrow down your options to the best one or two air conditioning repair companies in Raleigh we have come up with a few things to keep in mind.

1. How many years have they been in business? It’s always a good idea to ask this question as you will find that those who have been in the business for several years have the experience and knowledge to handle any issue that may arise. If you chose to go with a less established air conditioning repairman in Raleigh who has only been in the industry 1-2 years, you can expect good work at a more affordable rate. However, if the problem with your AC is rare, a more experienced technician will be able to fix it quicker.

2. What is their availability? Sometimes the best Raleigh air conditioner repairman will be booked for a few days, so find out if they will be able to squeeze you into their schedule. This will also provide you insight on whether they offer 24/7 hour or emergency air conditioning services.

3. How to they charge? Some Raleigh AC companies charge customers by the hour while others offer a flat rate price. Knowing how you will be charged ahead of any work being done. Minimum fees nearly always apply regardless of the type of repair needed. This is to cover for repairman salary, gas and general expenses.

4. Do they offer a free written quote? Oftentimes, a verbal quote is not enough to lock down the best price. If possible, always get a quote in writing to ensure the price stays the same. Find out how long the quote is good for as well so that you can plan ahead and obtain multiple quotes from other companies if necessary.

5. What type of services do they offer? Some air conditioning repair companies in Raleigh can only repair a unit. Others can replace and install a new whole house AC. If your home has a full HVAC system you will want to make sure they are qualified to handle your type of system.

HVAC Repair Costs in Raleigh

Unlike stand alone AC units, an HVAC system provides your home with both heating and cooling and may require more frequent repairs over the years. On top routine Raleigh AC repairs with coolant, wiring issues, etc, an HVAC system has additional complexity which can lead to more breakdowns. Average HVAC repair in Raleigh costs $250-$300 and minimum service fees run from $85 to $120 which does not include repairs.

Regular HVAC maintenance in Raleigh keeps your system running smoothly and reduces the changes of an expensive breakdown. We recommend routine maintenance every 9-12 months. During the call the Raleigh HVAC repairman will top off the refrigerant as well as checking to ensure there are no Freon leaks. Whether you want maintenance or need your unit fixed asap, get started now by picking up the phone or filling out your details in the form above.

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